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    • We hand pick and test every last cigar on this site. If it's not good we don't sell it. Our inventory is small and concise to keep quality standards high.
    • Don't know a thing about cigars? No problem at all, you don't need to. We'll show you the cigars you'll like once your Tasting Profile is complete. We also give you all tasting notes, background information, and growing information about the cigar just in case you feel like learning.
    • So you're already a cigar pro, why use CigarsFor.Me? Because there is an infinite amount of cigars out there in the world. No one has been able to try them all. There is a good chance you'll complete your Tasting Profile and be recommended cigars you've never tried before.
    • Our biggest goal is to easily get you cigars that you love. If you have any questions at all you can always call us at 1-888-838-5771. We love talking cigars and we can always answer any questions that you may have.

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