About Us

My name is Grayson Ervin and I am the founder of CigarsFor.Me. From the age of 18 I have enjoyed smoking and learning about cigars. But there is one complicated thing about cigar smoking. It take hours upon hours of research just to scratch the surface of the worlds infinite cigar selection. How do you pick out a cigar that you’ll enjoy? 

Lucky for me I happen to love researching cigars. One of my favorite pastimes is relaxing with friends and enjoying a great cigar. Naturally I started picking out specific cigars for each of my friends that I knew they would love. That's when I had the idea, what if I could provide this service for everybody? What if I could remove the confusion and hard work from cigar smoking? That’s how the personalized cigar recommendation service CigarsFor.Me was born.

I hand pick and personally smoke every cigar on this site.  There is not a single bad cigar in this entire inventory. You’ll notice that other cigar sites will carry just about any cigar they can get their hands on. We’re very picky about the cigars we list, that’s why we typically only have anywhere from 25 to 50 rotating cigars on our site. The goal of CigarsFor.Me is to EASILY get you great cigars. Simply complete your 5 question Tasting Profile and the site automatically recommends you cigars you’ll love guaranteed! Whether you’re a noob, an old pro, or something in between, CigarsFor.Me will work great for you. 


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