No cigar humidor can properly function with a good cigar humidifier. We carry many different styles of humidifiers; this allows you to pick the one that’s best for you. The right humidifier for you typically depends on the type of humidor you’re using. If you’re using a large 300+ cigar humidor than you should look into one of the electronic humidifiers. If your humidor holds roughly 75 – 150 cigars then your best choice is to use beads or crystals; we offer them in many different sizes. When you’re using a humidor that holds are 50 cigars or less you’re always looking to save space, the Boveda Pack humidifiers work perfectly in that situation. No matter the humidor, we have the perfect humidifier for it.

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The absolutle best rectangle style humidifier on the market. 
HUMI-CARE beads with tons of versatility! 
Our favorite way to keep your cigars humid!
The stick is small but the power is big. 
Advanced, 2-way humidity control for your desktop humidor.
As low as $3.57

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