Small Humidors (1 - 50 Capacity)

A small humidor is perfect for anyone just getting started with smoking cigars. Small humidors are also known as desktop humidors because they fit perfectly on a desktop, nightstand, or dresser. With many different styles to choose from, you’ll be able to store your cigars in a way that best fits the look and feel of your home.  These humidors will fit anywhere between 30 and 50 cigars depending on the shapes and sizes of the cigars that you choose it fill it with.

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Very stylish, but also very functional.
A dark, sexy exterior that looks great in any room. 
This humidor is classy and elegant for a great price. 
Our personal favorite when it comes to small desktop Humidors. 
The Maestro humidor is a great looking humidor that will care for 30-50 of your finest premium cigars.
Great looks, better price!
Great humidor, great price.
Need a starter humidor or a second small one for your office? Look no further!

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