Cigar ashtrays are a very crucial part of the cigar smoking experience, yet they are often times overlooked. Having a special ashtray that’s made for premium cigars is a very nice luxury to have. Smoking a cigar is a relaxing experience and our ashtrays give you a place to safety rest your cigar in-between puffs. We carry a wide variety of sizes to suit any occasion from having a casual smoke alone, to having all your friends over for a cigar night.   

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Invite all your cigar smoking friends over. 
Take your cigar smoking to new heights. 
A tobacco leaf, in a crystal, shaped for an ashtray. Need we say more?
A very attractive 4 finger ashtray. 
One of the best looking ashtrays on the market. 
Great for having 3 guests over... Or smoking 4 cigars at once. Your choice. 
A classy ashtray for your smoking table.  
A great little ashtray that holds up to 4 cigars at once.

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