A good cigar lighter not only enhances the cigar smoking experience, but it’s also crucial to smoking a premium cigar properly. A cigar that hasn’t been evenly lit isn’t going to evenly burn; which in turn is not going to make for a very enjoyable smoke. The easiest way to evenly light a cigar is with a nice butane torch lighter. We carry many premium cigar torch lighters from Colibri, Xikar, Rockwell, and more. It should also be known that you should never light a cigar with a lighter than contains regular lighter fluid, or matches that contain sulfur. The chemicals found in these two things can ruin the taste of your cigars and can also be harmful to your body. Every lighter we sell is a safe and effective way to light your cigars.

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No keys, push to start. 
A great lighter from a brand you can trust.  MSRP $100.00
A nice cutter and flame all in one. 
Where style and performance meet. 
Extremley high quality, very low price. 
A great looking durable lighter for under $20. One of the best deals you'll find anywhere!
Everything that you need, nothing that you don't. 
Filtered for your enjoyment.
One of the cleanest butanes on the market.
This butane is 100% safe for your cigar lighter. 

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